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Ethereal Vision, LLC is a multimedia production company made up of audio-visual writers, directors, and producers based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With the media/entertainment industry constantly changing, Ethereal Vision is the future, and the future is now!



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Seth Roderick

Seth is the editor and cinematographer for Ethereal Vision, LLC. He stumbled onto film making and content creating early in high school. It wasn’t long before he was drawn to editing and the growing technology of production. Creating new and exciting content has always been his aim.

He attended the University of North Texas, earning a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts where he met founder and CEO of Ethereal Vision, William Richardson. They have since joined forces to help bring your creative vision to life!

Andrew Morin

Andrew is a writer director hyphenate and has held nearly all positions on a film set. His love for the visual medium started as early as he could remember from being babysat by the television to telling stories with knock-off G.I. Joe figurines. In his high school years Andrew attended a performing arts school. While he didn’t dance or make music, film classes were the obvious choice and ones that didn’t require great footwork. It was in those years that the craft of filmmaking opened itself up to him allowing him to learn the movie making process.

To date, Andrew has worked on over forty productions ranging from short films, live events, music videos, and commercials. In 2021 Andrew graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Film.


William Richardson

William Richardson’s urge to create began with his love for music. He started out producing his own songs from writing the lyrics to mixing and mastering the final product. To expand his knowledge of audio production he attended The Los Angeles Recording School which is a branch of The Los Angeles Film School. Not only did he learn recording, mixing, and mastering music, he also learned foley and sound design for film and television. After his time at LARS, he worked as an audio engineer, doing freelance work and continuing to work and produce his own music.

Over time, William’s curiosity for film and television grew and he decided to further his education at the University of North Texas where he expanded his writing skills from writing lyrics to writing scripts, and also developed a passion for directing.
As a director, William oversees productions from conceptualization to the finished product, meeting deadlines while maintaining quality and efficiency. However, what makes him unique is his versatility, with knowledge in writing scripts, and audio/video production, both on set and in post.

In 2020, William graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s in Media Arts. Soon after he came up with the idea for Ethereal Vision, LLC, a multimedia production company, bringing his fellow schoolmates, Seth and Andrew on board.

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